Glow Pen Revitalization Treatment ©️
What is Glow Pen?
It is a needle-less beauty device used to deliver Hyaluronic Acid filler into the skin. It produces just enough pressure to launch the hyaluronic into the skin in a much more comfortable, safer, stress free way than hypodermic needles!

How It Works


Students who receive their Certification from Glow Pen are further advanced in knowledge and technique as they complete a course that focuses on in-depth theory and a hands-on experience.

Attend hands-on training

Each class dives deep into all unique Glow Pen methods with hands-on explanations of tools, products, and techniques. To utilize time and education quality, each small class of students gets real experience with real models.

Complete the certification process

Become certified by elite Glow Pen Educators trained with unique techniques and methods. Educators guide students with hands-on instruction and help them discover their potential to start a career.

Find A Course

Glow Pen Education

Our Master Educators are fully licensed and insured to cover students and their models and our Glow Pen Revitalization Treatment©️ training is fully insurable…

Have you ever wanted a career in aesthetics, but have not had the time to return to further your education as an RN?

This no needle device and training will enable you to create beautiful lips and plumps out lines and wrinkles.

The future of aesthetics is here!

Become the first in your salon or spa to provide this totally safe, non-invasive, innovative treatment.

Results are equal to classic fillers that require hypodermic needles. Glow Pen DOES NOT use Hypodermic Needles to inject. Same results, no needles.

The Glow Pen captures air and pressure to allow Hyaluronic Acid filler into the treatment area, painlessly and with less noticeable after effects that you normally see with traditional fillers administered by traditional techniques.

Host A Training

We are continuously on the lookout for host locations and cities around the USA. Host a Glow Pen Revitalization Treatment Training Class at your Salon, Spa or School and save money on your personal course fee. If you are interested in hosting a training class in your area with our Master Educators, please contact us for details.

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